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In the midst of juggling everyday life AND planning a wedding, it can be easy to overlook some steps that are important in preparing for your engagement session. To make it easy, I have created a list of 6 points to go over prior to your session that will ensure you are fully prepared and relaxed on our shoot together.



When I ask most clients where they envision their engagement photos be taken at, their minds immediately go to a pretty park or scenic location. Although I completely agree that a park with green grass, trees, and perhaps water can be very beautiful - it doesn't say anything particularly about your personalities or relationship together. The average engagement session is between 1-2 hours which therefore allows us to visit a scenic location AND a personal one. 

To choose a location that reflects your relationship, I would suggest choosing a place or activity you like to do together. Do you fish together? Great, let's go fishing on a boat! Was your first date at a coffee shop? Let's get coffee. Did you just buy a house together? Let's take photos of you making breakfast in the morning in it or sitting outside of your new home. 



Bring one dressy outfit and one casual outfit for you both that coordinate, not match. This means choosing outfits that go together but that aren't necessarily the same color. I encourage color, patterns, and layers. HERE are a few examples to view.

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Another way to incorporate your relationship is through props. This may be the puppy you bought together, champaign and glasses, a picnic, a blanket to lay on, bikes, etc.



Ladies, although you are more than capable of doing your own makeup and hair, I suggest getting it done for the purpose that a professional artist knows what looks best on camera. Apart from making you feel beautiful, they also exsetuate your unique features, give you a look that will last for your entire shoot, and elemenate the stress of doing your own hair & makeup. 

My favorite artist to work with is Julie Swenson.



We will promptly start shooting shortly after our scheduled photoshoot time. I would very highly suggest arriving 10-15 minutes early to your session to look over your outfits, have you change if needed, and ensure that we can start on time. Arriving late will potentially cut into shooting time due to the amount of light we have to work with later on into your session. 



But most importantly, please come prepared to just be yourselves and have fun. I know that is such a simple concept but some couples come feeling like they will have to pose a certain way and overlook that I just want to capture them both together as they really are. Please know I will instruct you if I need something changed and direct you to do things in regards to posing, but from there I want you to kiss and hold each other like you normally would. If you want to randomly kiss, do it. If you want to randomly lean into each other, do it. Even the most perfectly posed images don't compare to genuine moments of laughter and love. 

I look forward to our session together and can't wait to capture your connection!


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