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Stephen and I dated for ten months when he popped the question and although that may sound like a short amount of time, I have never been so sure about anything other than my love for God the Father. After our first official date, I remember coming home and my mother jokingly saying "How did it go? Could you marry him?" and I remember telling her that I would be honored to marry him if he would have me someday (I must have sounded completely crazy to my mother!)

Fast forward to October thirteenth where we had plans to go to the apple orchard and Smack Shack (Our first date location) after. Getting off the hay ride that dropped us off at the apple picking area, we filled a bag of apples and walked up to the top of this hill. After holding each other and being forehead to forehead, he told me "You are my best friend and I love you" then got down on one knee. Although my expression was "vulnerable" (as Stephen says) and conveying every emotion in the book, my heart was struck with joy that the man I wholly love, is officially going to be my husband.


If that wasn't enough for my emotional self to handle, when we arrived at our very first date spot for dinner, my family was there with Paula (my favorite future mother-in-law)! It was so thoughtful of him to have them there to celebrate with us as family is very important to both of us.

So to wrap up this sappy mess of a blog post, I am humbled that Stephen wants to spend his life with me as much as I do with him. He makes me a better woman. 

- Kelsey Lee


Every wedding day should start out with a relaxing morning like Samuel & Mckenzie's did. With the bridesmaids darling first look of Kenzie in her beautiful white dress and the groomsmen helping Sam get ready for the ceremony - they were such sweet moments to capture.

Although August 22nd was an incredibly windy day with potential rain during the ceremony, the pouring showers ended up holding off until after we got to the Landmark Center for the reception party and dancing!

All in all, their wedding day ended up turned out perfectly and was an absolute blast to be apart of and document! 

HOTEL: St. Paul Hotel - L'etoile Room
CEREMONY: Kellogg Mall Park
RECEPTION: Landmark Center
DRESS BOUTIQUE: Wedding Shoppe
MEN'S APPEARAL: Dena Marie Bridal & Tux
FLORAL: Pristine Floral
CATERER: True Taste
DJ: P.M. Enterprises
PHOTO: Kelsey Lee Photography 


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