Due to your session being completely around you and capturing who you are, it's important that you feel confident and prepared for your session.  These simple steps will make sure you are ready and feeling your best!


Due to each session being completely custom with unique locations, I advise that you send me photos through email of the outfits you plan to wear. This allows me to plan locations that coordinate with your wardrobes choices and cohesively work together. 


We will promptly start shooting shortly after our scheduled photoshoot time. I would highly suggest arriving 10-15 minutes early to your session to look over your outfits, change into clothing or touch up makeup. Arriving late will potentially cut into shooting time and could affect the amount of light we have to work with later on into your session. So, come early and settle in.

PARKING: I would advise parking on the street with a meter. We might shoot at the studio and at locations within walking distance, but depending on what you are wearing, we could potentially be driving to a close location and you do not want to have spent $5+ for a full day parking lot fee if we will be leaving the studio shortly after arriving. 


3. clothing

Please bring three main wardrobe changes: casual, dressy, and trendy.  I encourage you to buy new clothing for your session - read more on this topic HERE and where to shop HERE. Please iron clothing if needed beforehand and bring the outfits hung on hangers.



If you want your pretty smile to sparkle in photos, I'd encourage a simple teeth whitening solution. This process is best started about two weeks before the shoot. Also, Walgreens has some incredible teeth whitening options for an affordable price.



Some seniors like tanning or recently have gotten home from a vication prior to their senior photoshoot. This is completely fine of course but can be a slight gamble if a burn has set in or has made someone go from radiantly golden to unnaturally dark. Try not to tan 7 days prior to your session to avoid burns, tanning lotion tints, and exaggerated facial lines.  



Trust me, I'm a girl who loves bright fingernail polishes and designs! Just make sure to keep your hands from being a distraction, remember - we want to focus on your face. Get a simple manicure or paint your fingernails nude - if you want to go all out, paint your toes a fun color!



Alright, just to warn you, this one is odd but I promise it works! Have you ever had dry or cracked lips? Well, a simple lip brushing with your tooth brush can fix that for soft and hydrating lips. Feel welcome to do this the morning of your session.

Maddison Shuherk -1082 2.jpg


I encourage hiring a professional hair & makeup artist. I have a fantastic team of artists who can exsetuate your unique features, give you a look that will last for your entire shoot, elemenate the stress of doing your own makeup, and makes you feel naturally beautiful. (No they don't make you look like Barbie) But, if this isn't what you have in mind, applying your makeup an hour before your session works best. Photographs compress what we see as 3-D, which means it looks best to apply a little more makeup than you normally would along with contouring. Bring your makeup for quick touch ups between outfits if needed. 



Skin can become dry and easily irritated on a sunny day and usually is very apparent in the photos if not prepared for ahead of time. If you are going to wear a skirt showing your legs or a short sleeve shirt that will show your arms, lotion is a requirement to put on beforehand.



If being infront of the camera sounds a little nerve racking, don't hesitate to bring along a close friend that can make you laugh! Unltimately the more comfortable you are, the better you'll feel infront of the camera.

I hope these tips helped as you prepare for your photoshoot. So excited to capture your style and personality over our session together.



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