5 ways to make your senior photos unique


I’ve been doing senior photography since before I was a senior (I know, I sound old but I’m only 23). I’ve photographed over two hundred seniors and a statement I hear almost every time goes something like this:

“I want my senior photos to be different”

Hearing this statement is a huge relief to me because honestly, that’s what I want too. I want your photos to feel unique to everyone else at your school and there are a few ways to do that. To make things easy, I have made a list of 5 things you can do.

How can you make your senior photos unique?

  1. Create a vision board: A vision board is an array of photos you put together that showcase ideas of what you want to do for your shoot. The fashion industry creates board of inspiration before every big magazine shoot, so why shouldn’t you? You can do this easily on Pinterest and add inspiration for wardrobe, location ideas, poses, etc. I would encourage you to pin photos that are from magazines and clothing companies, this way your board will feel outside the box rather than pinning “senior photos”.

  2. Plan variety in your outfits: I typically suggest seniors to bring three outfits to a session; casual, dressy, trendy. With this many outfits, you have the option to really set your session apart by buying outfits that all have a different look to them. One flowy, one edgy, one colorful, etc. Another way to add variety to your outfits is layer; a jacket to tie around the waist of a dress, layering a spaghetti strap top with a t-shirt underneath it, or a hat.

  3. Be willing to play around: Next time you are looking at a magazine or a clothing brand’s website, really take a close look at how the models are posing. Honestly, it’s weird sometimes but they look so good in that pose anyway. Sometimes I ask a senior to run towards my camera, make a funny face, or dance and although it may feel weird, the best photos come from it.

  4. Communicate locations: I have a handful of seniors a year who think of such cool locations for their shoot and I get so excited when we can make their vision come to life. A few options you could consider are a diner, pool, or arcade.

  5. Props: You don’t need props to have your photoshoot be and look amazing but the right props can make it even better. A few fun options could be a bike, bubble gum, a blanket to lay on, or confetti. Props are just a fun add on and aren’t meant to be in every photo, so if you bring a prop and it gets you a few extra cool photos then it was a win.

I realize there are so many things that are important to your senior photos being unique (many of which I wasn’t able to cover in this blog). Here is a brief list of what else you should know / think through:

  • Get a manicure done or paint your nails nude

  • Make sure your photographer knows your outfits beforehand

  • Arrive with your clothing on hangers

  • Lotion your legs before shot where they will be showing

  • Bring a friend if you want someone to carry your stuff ;)

I hope these points help your session stand out! You deserve a shoot that is everything you wanted! Most importantly, remember to relax and just be you and beautiful photos will naturally happen.


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