hey, i'm kelsey! 

Growing up I couldn't write an A+ worthy paper to save my life due to my dyslexia, but creating art and making someone feel cherished always has. I saved up money and bought my first "big-girl" camera at 16 and hit the ground running. Along the way I learned  that taking a photo goes much deeper than settings on a camera and had much more to do with how well you 


I love taking photos as it allows me to hear peoples stories and capture their inward beauty.

.I grew up in a small town in a house surrounded by fields but always knew I belonged in a city.




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this guy

I married my best friend at 21 and haven't looked back. He makes me laugh every day.

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I could honestly eat it daily. Sushi with Eel sause or tempura are top on my list of favorites. 

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There are such good people, restaurants. and arts. I love exploring new places.